Regular visitors to our blog may have seen a series of posts about those who make Cairn tick, our staff.

It’s been a while since the last instalment of this series so we thought we’d kick things off again by introducing you all to our HMO Property Manager, Kirsty Smith.

You may have recently seen Kirsty take part in our Halloween pumpkin competition on our Facebook page, but there’s much more to her than being rather good at carving scary faces into big orange fruits.

As we said, Kirsty is Cairn’s HMO Property Manager, which means she deal with all aspects of letting, and HMO, such as applying for licenses/renewals and monitoring maintenance.

Having worked with us for just under two years, it seems Kirsty was always destined to work in the property industry. Her mum and dad were always buying and selling properties which meant she moved around a LOT. It was something she was always brought up with. And perhaps not surprisingly, going by her job title, the aspect of the industry which interests her most is the HMO licensing of properties.

When asked what she believes to be the best thing about working in the property industry, Kirsty says that dealing with different tenants and meeting new people every day is by far the most interesting feature of the job. No two days are the same.

And it’s not just the industry as a whole that she enjoys working in, it’s within the team at Cairn too. According to Kirsty, her fellow colleagues and the great support everyone has for each other makes her job much better than other jobs. Oh, and she gets to enjoy the odd giggle in the office too!

We’re sure you’ll be aware that working in this industry can throw up some surprises. For Kirsty it was when a complaint was made about music being played. However, unlike your usual music complaint, it wasn’t because it was too loud, it was because the tenants chose to play David Bowie all day every day, and she clearly wasn’t a fan!

Of course Kirsty isn’t immersed in the property industry 24/7. When not in the office she has plenty to keep her occupied. She’s a big family person so tends to spend a lot of time with them. In addition she also like nights out with friends, meals, and trying to teach her kitten to behave!

Although she’s clearly had an interest in the property industry from a young age, due to the influence of her parents, things could have been much different for Kirsty.

Not many people know she actually has a distinction in music (piano/clarinet) and is also a trained singer. Who knows, we’ll maybe see her on the X Factor one year!

If someone who like to get in touch with Kirsty about a property, to learn more about any of Cairn’s services, or would like to book her to perform at any special occasions (joke), they should call her on 0141 270 7878, or drop her an email at

Remember, there are a number of ways to get in touch with Cairn, through our website, via email, or by calling us on: 0141 270 7878. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn where we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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