Know your Scottish property tax, now!
A levy on second home property transactions is coming to Scotland in April – so if you’re involved in the property market you need to understand what’s changing. What are the changes? Scotland’s Finance Secretary, John Swinney, is adopting a 3% levy on property purchases beyond a buyers main residence. This follows a similar move […]
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How to move letting agent – simple steps
As a landlord your letting agent should be your outsource department, their value should outweigh your costs.  If this ideal doesn’t ring true it’s time for a change. We know that changing letting agents can seem daunting, but take it from property managers who’ve been doing this for a while, there are a few easy […]
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Thinking of Selling this Spring? – 10 tips to get your house ready for sale
Spring is one of the most popular times in the housing market. Demand increases as the days get longer and the evenings get warmer so it’s a great, and popular, time to sell. If you’re planning to sell this spring, you’ll want to ensure your home stands out above the rest. Here are our top ten […]
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