Best Ice Cream in Glasgow

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. On the rare summer days we get in Scotland there’s nothing better than a wander around our gorgeous green city with an ice cream in hand. The West End, is, as ever, the best part of town to soak up these #summergoals. We’ve compiled a list of the best. Ice, ice, baby.

Tantrum Doughnuts – Old Dumbarton Road, Yorkhill

Tantrum Doughnuts have been making a name for themselves with their unique array of artisan donuts for over a year. Now, for summer in Glasgow, they’re doing ice cream too! They use Thornton Hall Farmhouse ice cream and top it with their own delicious caramel doughnut croutons. Not to be missed!

Nardini’s – Byres Road, Hillhead

No ‘best ice cream list’ would be complete without the honorary mention of Nardini’s, the art deco style, Largs born brand has now opened up shop in Hillhead. Here you can grab their world famous ice cream’s in scoops or sundaes as well as a coffee if you need a caffeine fix.

Big Licks – Argyle Street, Finneston

If you’re at the Argyle Street end of the West End, Big Licks in Finneston is worth a lick, sorry, look. There’s a huge selection of ice cream flavours to choose from but you’ve also got your pick of desserts like waffles and milkshakes if you really want to satisfy a sweet tooth. The proximity to Kelvingrove Park means you’ve got your location for a summer stroll sorted.

University Cafe – Byres Road, Hillhead

This cute vintage style cafe with only a few wooden bench tables is a real trip down memory lane. The friendly, traditional service is as much of a joy as the double nougat or oyster ice cream you can purchase to wander up Byres Road with.

Crolla – Byres Road, Hillhead

Skip dessert at whatever restaurant you were eating at and head to Crolla’s instead. It’s open late so it’s the perfect post-dinner treat. You can combine delicious flavours on their Cold Stone Creations board and add as many combinations of toppings your heart could desire.

Waffle Monster – Sauchiehall Street

Not far from Woodlands, you can really up the ante on your ice cream addiction and add the finest Belgian waffles to your favourite flavours to make a mouth watering waffle sundae. They even do vegan options, so no-one misses out on that ice cream excitement.

Cafe D’Jaconelli – Maryhill

Cafe D’Jaconelli in Maryhill is a real hidden gem. It’s been providing the best of Glasgow service and food since 1924! The 1950s style decor – and music! – will make you feel like you’ve stepped onto a film set and the traditional cafe menu comes complete with a knickerbocker glory with plenty of raspberry sauce.


Summer may come and go quickly in Glasgow but ice cream is forever. Whether you’re basking in the sunshine or looking for a hideaway from a summer storm, these tasty haunts will make your day.