What’s included:


  • Valuable information about HMO regulations, both for residency and licencing.
  • Support and guidance through all aspects of HMO development.

Property Assessment

  • Professional property assessment, which is fully compliant with HMO regulations.
  • Recommendations for work required for the property – a range of options provided.
  • A full estimation of the costs involved for the work.
  • Professional recommendations, based on advice from an architect, as to how the property could be structurally extended, refurbished or cosmetically improved to maximise rental yield.
  • Full range of options provided, including cheaper options for those working to a tight budget.

Full project management

  • Thorough analysis of the scope of the project.
  • Itemised specification of the works required to bring the property to rental standard.
  • Negotiation of any contracts, such as building contracts, with estimated timescales included.
  • Regular inspections throughout the process.
  • Snagging inspections, complete with full instruction
  • Inspection of any additional works done to the property.
  • Regular reports – keeping you informed on the progress, if required.

Warrants and Planning Permission

  • Guidance through the often complicated process of seeking relevant warrants and permissions.
  • Full preparation of all applications, including planning permission, building warrants and Completion Certificate.
  • Drawings and forms provided for applications.
  • Display and service of all relevant planning permission and warrant notifications and related notices.

Cosmetic Decoration and Finish

  • Guidance and support provided on fixtures, fittings and finishes – with a focus on conforming to HMO regulations.
  • Advice provided suitable for stated budget and investment profile.
  • 3 quotations provided from our registered list of trade professionals.