The HMO legislation changes frequently and can be daunting for first time investors. It came into force in 2000 to protect potentially inexperienced or vulnerable groups of tenants in a variety of ways – ensuring minimum standards in, for example, fire safety and fit out.

HMO License

To let an HMO property, a landlord must have an HMO licence that covers both the landlord personally and the property. We will take you through the HMO application process and procedures to ensure a full 3 years licence is achieved. Licences must be renewed every 3 years and properties can be inspected at any time by an HMO department or Fire Department. Maintaining a good property history is crucial both to passing inspections and ensuring your licence is renewed. We will carry out an initial inspection to advise you of any remedial works need to bring the property up to HMO standards our inhouse maintenance team will organise competitive quotes.

HMO Certificates

Landlords need to evidence that the property has certain safety equipment, that safety checks have been carried out and that tenants have had appropriate training to maintain and test safety equipment. Cairn carry out tenant training and will help you obtain the necessary certificates:

  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Landlord Gas Safety Certificate
  • Portable Appliance Test
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Smoke Alarm, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Test
  • Emergency Light Service Report
  • Fire Risk Assessment

Cairn will provide a Fire Notice Board with necessary record sheets and the equipment needed to meet Fire Department requirements.

HMO and Fire Department need to see these certificates and (as appropriate) evidence of compliance on application for the HMO Licence or any renewal.

Moving Tenants In

At Cairn we meet all tenants personally and carry out industry standard vetting procedures including credit, employment and prior landlord references. We endeavour to ensure that our tenants are reliable.

It is vital that all tenants are educated on how to live in an HMO property to ensure a smooth tenancy. Our move-in tenant training includes:

  • What to do in a fire?
  • How to test smoke/carbon monoxide alarms
  • Electrical Safety
  • What to do if party got out of hand?
  • How to use all appliances?
  • Neighbour consideration
  • How to comply with HMO safety requirements

We spend extra time at the move-in to help your investment be as straightforward as possible. Meter readings are taken at this point. We set up council tax, gas and electricity accounts.

Smoking is not permitted in any of our properties.


During the Tenancy

Cairn periodically inspect your property throughout the tenancy to ensure it is kept to a satisfactory standard. We note and photograph any cleaning, repair and maintenance. We repeat fire safety training throughout the lease and in particular update on safety measures or any new legislation.

Moving Tenants Out

Cairn will complete the check out of your property with the tenants, recording any maintenance, damage or cleaning required before deposit release. Meter Readings are also taken here. We also close down tenant liable utilities.


HMO properties will take a little more wear and tear due to the number of people living in it. Cairn will provide an affordable quick, reliable service. We have a trusted relationship with our team of experienced qualified and certified tradesmen.