Meet The Team – Chris Tulloch

Hi, I’m Chris and I’m one of the valuers here at Cairn.

As a valuer for the company I’m responsible for valuing properties for sale and rental, as well as meeting owners and landlords who wish to use Cairn to market their property for sale or rental.

In addition I also Organise schedules by taking photographs, floor plans, room sizes and descriptions, then adding and updating these properties on our website, and others that we use.

The wide range of duties I carry out on a daily basis is actually a large part of why I was attracted to working in this sector. The property industry is a varied and diverse sector of work to be involved in, this is what interested me as there are many different jobs that require different skills that have to be learned, it’s very diverse.

But it’s not just the property industry that I enjoy working in, its the company I work for too. Working at Cairn’s enjoyable and full of lots of nice people.

I mentioned earlier that the industry is very diverse but so is working at Cairn. One of the aspects of working here is that there are different areas of the property industry available to work in, one of the main reasons I’ve been here for just over four years now!

And sometimes you turn up for work and come across the strangest things too, once a flat with five physio students left a box of labelled bones when they moved out. You just never know what your day will bring, it can be exciting!

Similarly to the diversity of the property industry, I enjoy a pretty varied life outside of work too. For example I keep active by playing rugby and walking my dog, but I also like sitting in with my wife, Rosalind, and watching movies, oh and my guilty pleasure, Downton Abbey! And now we’ve a new addition to the family too, our daughter, India, who was born last year.

If you’d like to get in touch with me about a property, or to discuss the wide range of services provided by Cairn, you can drop me an email either at or