Describe your role in one sentence at Cairn ?

I am one of the Senior Property Managers within Cairn, I have a portfolio of properties that I manage all aspects of ensuring a smooth tenancy for both parties along with being a general support to the team.  

How long have you worked at Cairn?

I have been at Cairn just under 3 years now. 

What’s the best thing about working at Cairn?

The team are great, we all have such a laugh and bounce off of each other. There are always lots of ideas flying around the office and we help and support each other.

The best thing about working in the property industry?

I love helping people find their dream properties, it’s nice to be able to be involved and help their move go as smoothly as possible.

Give us an interesting fact about yourself ?

I have a prize winning retired racing greyhound called Tony. He’s the sweetest boy, loves his cuddles and snoozing on the sofa, really just enjoying his retirement! He even comes into the Cairn office to help out from time to time, so you might get to meet him.

Who are your hero’s inside and outside of business?

Inside of business I admire those who are always willing to help out and go the extra mile for people, kindness goes along way. Outside of business I would say my group of friends, they are the kindest people and always there to pick me up and help with anything.

One piece of advice you could give your younger self

It’s been said before but don’t let other people bring you down, if you want to do something, do it!

What qualities do you most admire in others ?

Honesty and kindness. It doesn’t cost to be kind to someone, you never know what someone is going through,

Where is your favourite place in Scotland ? 

My favourite place in Scotland would have to be swimming in Loch Lomond in the summer or up Glencoe skiing in the winter or Dumfries & Galloway. 

If someone who like to get in touch with you about a property, how should they get in touch?