Meet The Team – Helen Hogg

I’m Helen and I’m a Property Partner here at Cairn.

I spend my time in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, as a contact for our tenants, landlords, as well as adding investors. In addition I’m also responsible for reviewing properties, lease signings, property inspections, and fire training.

It’s also part of my job to research the property market in Edinburgh and keep abreast of trends in the city etc.

I love what I do. Working in the property industry’s interesting, exciting, and is constantly evolving. It’s due to these factors that I’ve been with Cairn for around nine months and have loved every minute of it.

Although there are times when the market slows it’ll never cease. The letting market, especially relating to University students, is vibrant and although new build ‘Halls’ accommodation is attractive to students parents’, I think they prefer the unique traditional independence of the ‘Edinburgh Flat Scene’, which in turn is good and positive for Cairn Investors & landlords.

You’ll have established by now that I love the property industry, but why do I work at Cairn? After all there are plenty of other estate and letting agents out there.

Cairn ticks many boxes for me. I like working on my own and I enjoy the flexible hours the job offers. The number of properties I handle is up to me. I enjoy meeting landlords and tenants, personal marketing, running viewings and inspections and ensuring everything runs smoothly. The professional office support ensures I know Cairn delivers the service I’m proud of.

When people ask me about my job they often ask me about anything unusual I’ve seen or encountered while working, but if I’m honest, I’m glad to say, so far nothing has shocked or astounded me… yet!

Of course I have a life outside of the property industry. In my spare time I like all the usual social activities, as well as travelling and being in the countryside, after all I spent most of my work time amongst the hustle and bustle of city life.

I love being in the country so much that I actually live in a rural environment. However I’m only 20 minutes drive from the capital. Perfect.

I also love riding my bicycle. Actually, not a lot of people know this, but my New Year’s Resolution is to cycle 3000 miles this year.

And that’s about it. If you’d like to get in touch you can contact me via my mobile on: 07538 680 558 – I’m never without my Cairn iPhone! In addition you can drop me an email at: