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Estate agency and letting agency with branches in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Celebrating 24 Years in Property.

At Cairn we specialise in Estate Agency and Letting property across both the East & West of Scotland, from Edinburgh to Glasgow. Our trusted property agents can assist you with anything from offering you property advice on selling or letting your property to property investment advice for people wanting to enter the property market. We offer no obligation, free property valuations and are the perfect choice for all property enquiries in Scotland.

An estate agent and letting agent for investors

Whether you are a first-time property investor or have a large property portfolio our team can guide you through the process in order to maximise your returns. Founded in 1999, Cairn is a team of specialists in residential property investment. Managing Director David Rowand saw that his estate agency clients could benefit from more than sales or purchase advice and help with negotiation. Property assets could deliver more return with the right development, refurbishment, letting management and property maintenance programmes. We are ‘The Investor’s Agency’.

Tenants & HMO

Building relationships with our tenants is key, in order that the tenancy runs as smoothly as possible. That’s why our tenants return term after term. We have specialised in HMO since 1999 and this is one of our areas of expertise. From HMO application guidance, fire-training to full property management or refurbishment we have built a team who can deliver under your obligations as an HMO licensee and landlord.


Our professionally qualified team can offer you a bespoke letting service, from full management to tenant find only. Whether you have one property, large portfolio or serviced accommodation we’ve got it covered. Keeping you informed is key whether just to let you know an inspection has gone well, or advising you if some work is needed to maintain your investment. Our team are on hand to guide you through the process.

Estate Agency

Property can be personal and we take that responsibility seriously. We cover central Scotland offering FREE, no obligation, market appraisals, from your own home to your tenanted property our experienced team will market on all major portals and negotiate your property to get you the best price to meet your expectations. Agency means standing in our client’s shoes and Cairn takes that responsibility seriously.

Arrange a Free Valuation

Whether it is a sales, lettings or HMO valuation our dedicated, well qualified team will be more than happy to conduct a FREE appraisal of your property.

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Transform Your Property with Expert Refurbishment in Edinburgh

Unlocking Potential – The Power of Property Refurbishment in Edinburgh Edinburgh’s Unique Property Landscape Edinburgh, a city celebrated for its stunning historical architecture and vibrant cultural scene, offers a diverse property market. From Georgian townhouses in New Town to Victorian villas in Morningside, the city’s buildings are as rich in history as they are in investment potential. Property refurbishment in Edinburgh is not just about preserving the past; it’s about adapting these unique spaces to meet modern living standards, enhancing their value, and securing their legacy. Why Invest in Property Refurbishment? Refurbishing a property in Edinburgh goes beyond aesthetic enhancement. It’s an investment strategy that can significantly increase property value and marketability. Here are compelling reasons to consider a refurbishment: Increased Property Value – Strategic renovations can boost your property’s market value. A well-planned refurbishment that improves functionality and aesthetics can make your property more appealing to buyers and tenants, driving up its worth. Energy Efficiency – Upgrading heating systems, insulation, and windows not only contributes to environmental sustainability but can also reduce energy costs, a selling point for future occupants. Preservation Meets Modernity – Combining the historic charm of Edinburgh properties with contemporary conveniences can create unique, highly desirable living spaces. Did You Know? Conservation Areas – Edinburgh is home to several conservation areas, where properties are subject to specific regulations to preserve their historical and architectural significance. Refurbishing a property in these areas can add unique value but requires expert navigation of planning permissions. Rising Demand for Functional Spaces – The recent shift towards remote work has increased the demand for properties with flexible, functional spaces. A refurbishment that includes creating home offices or adaptable rooms can significantly enhance a property’s appeal in today’s market. Cairn Estate Agency – Your Partner in Property Refurbishment Cairn Estate Agency specialises in transforming Edinburgh properties, combining our deep understanding of the local market with a keen eye for design and functionality. Whether it’s a comprehensive overhaul or targeted updates, our team provides tailored refurbishment services to meet your goals and budget. From Vision to Reality – Our Process Our approach to property refurbishment is meticulous and collaborative. We start with your vision, considering the property’s character, your objectives, and the latest market trends. Our services include: Design and Planning – Crafting refurbishment plans that maximise space utility, aesthetic appeal, and market value. Navigating Regulations – Expert guidance through Edinburgh’s planning permissions and regulations, ensuring your refurbishment meets all legal requirements. Quality Execution – Overseeing the refurbishment process with a network of skilled craftsmen and contractors, ensuring high-quality finishes and timely completion. Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your Edinburgh property? With Cairn Estate Agency, embark on a refurbishment journey that enhances value, preserves character, and meets modern demands. Whether aiming to sell, let, or simply upgrade your property, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your property into a standout investment.

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Leading Glasgow’s Property Scene – Why Cairn Estate Agency Reigns Supreme

Leading Glasgow’s Property Scene – Cairn Estate Agency’s Unmatched Expertise The Cairn Difference, Beyond Property Management What sets Cairn Estate Agency apart is not just our comprehensive array of services but the depth of our expertise and our unwavering commitment to tailoring our approach to suit the unique needs of each client. From savvy HMO management that maximises returns in a city teeming with students, to navigating the nuanced Glasgow letting scene, selling with strategic prowess, or offering the innovative Cairn BNB service, Cairn is the epitome of property mastery. HMO Mastery – A Class Apart In Glasgow’s dynamic market, HMOs present a golden opportunity. Cairn’s mastery over HMO management is unparalleled, blending regulatory expertise with operational excellence. We transform complexity into profitability, ensuring your HMO investment thrives. Letting Services – Precision Personified Our letting services are a testament to our belief in precision. We match properties with the right tenants and ensure every aspect of the letting process is managed flawlessly, reflecting our deep understanding of what Glasgow landlords and tenants need. Sales Strategy – Selling Smarter, Not Harder Selling a property is an art, and Cairn has perfected it. Our strategies are backed by market insights that only a West End-based agency can possess, ensuring that when you sell with Cairn, you’re not just listing your property; you’re making a statement. Cairn BNB – Redefining Short-term Letting The short-term rental market is booming, and Cairn BNB is at its forefront. By merging the flexibility of short-term lets with our hallmark professionalism, we’ve created a service that maximises earnings while maintaining the highest standards of property management. Why People in Glasgow Trust Cairn Cairn isn’t merely a property agency; to many in Glasgow, we’re a cornerstone of the community. Our spot on Gibson Street, right in the life-filled West End, goes beyond geographical convenience—it’s where our heart is. It’s where every day, we’re inspired by the city’s hustle and our neighbours’ dreams. Choosing Cairn means you’re not just getting a property expert; you’re gaining a friend with an insider’s view of the Glasgow property scene. Our team, as diverse and dynamic as Glasgow itself, is committed to supporting every client’s journey, whether it’s finding a first home, investing in property, or managing a portfolio. Cairn and Glasgow – Growing Together Glasgow’s property landscape is as dynamic and spirited as the city itself, brimming with opportunities for those ready to seize them. At Cairn, we’re not just moving with the times; we’re looking ahead, imagining the possibilities, and making them realities. Our passion for innovation keeps us at the forefront, whether it’s embracing the latest trends in property management or exploring new investment opportunities. As Glasgow evolves, so does Cairn, steadfast in our mission to be more than your property agency—we’re your partners in building a brighter future in this vibrant city. Whether you’re venturing into the world of HMOs, looking to let, sell, or manage a property, or explore the lucrative realm of short-term rentals, Cairn Estate Agency is your ultimate partner. Located in the vibrant heart of the West End on Gibson Street, our doors are always open for you to discover how we can turn your property ambitions into achievements. Reach out today and let Cairn start you on your path to property success in Glasgow.

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