Tenant Care

Should you have an emergency, call:

For Glasgow (Gas, plumbing etc : 0141 840 4706 (does NOT include locksmith)

For Glasgow Lock Emergencies 0141 221 0711

For Lorne Street, Duke Street and Duke Wynd (Gas, plumbing etc ) 0141 643 3744 (includes Locksmith)

For Dundee (Gas, plumbing etc ) 0787 242 8243 (includes Locksmith)

For Edinburgh & Dunfermline (Gas, plumbing etc ) 0742 986 6626 (includes locksmith)

If you are a tenant and are worried about the current situation you should follow our guidelines below. We will work with both Landlords and tenants in these difficult times.



Please also leave a message on our voicemail or Report A Repair

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