HMO Tenants, Moving In

At Cairn before letting an HMO we meet all tenants that will stay in the property and implement an industry-standard vetting procedure that includes a credit check, employment and prior landlord references. We ensure that all our tenants are reliable whilst ensuring guarantors are in place as well as undertaking a fully comprehensive property inventory at the beginning.

All tenants must be educated on how to live in an HMO property before moving in to ensure a smooth tenancy. Our move-in tenant training includes:

  • What to do in a fire?
  • How to test smoke/carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Electrical Safety.
  • How to use all appliances.
  • Neighbour consideration.
  • How to comply with HMO safety requirements.
  • Meter readings are taken at this point.
  • We set up council tax, gas and electricity accounts.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any of our properties.

During the tenancy

Cairn inspects every HMO property quarterly throughout the tenancy ensuring it is kept to a satisfactory standard, with a quarterly report being recorded for each property. We note and photograph any cleaning, repair and maintenance that is required and we repeat fire safety training throughout the duration of the lease in particular updating our tenants on safety measures or any new legislation.

HMO Tenants, Moving out

Cairn completes the pre-move-out inspection of your property before you move out, recording any maintenance, damage or cleaning work required before releasing your deposit in association with Safe Deposit Scotland. Meter Readings will also be taken here before we close down tenant-liable utility accounts.

Report a Repair

Out Of Hours Emergency

Tenant Testimonials

Building Relationships

Helpful Tips

Tenant Support

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