Sourcing, specialist advice and development

Residential Buy to Let – Cairn source properties in prime areas for the professional letting market.

Distressed Property – Cairn provide project management, refurbishment and development support to optimise your investment from a below market outlay.

Student Investments – Cairn specialise in HMOs (House in Multiple Occupancy) ideal for the student market. HMO properties in prime University areas where demand for this type of property exceeds supply offer a high yield opportunity. Our property match service helps source the right HMO property, with full HMO history investigation, at the right price.

Off market opportunities

We have established relationships with banks, liquidators and asset management companies and provide advice on the sale of residential property assets. These properties are available to our investor clients as off market opportunities.

Our clients

Our clients range from private investors who wish a better return on their funds to institutions with large property funds both in the UK and overseas.