Student accommodation: Why Cairn are HMO licensing specialists
The term HMO is used frequently in the property investment market. As experts on HMO development we want to explain what HMO is, and understand why such a highly regulated sector continues to be popular for investors. Since 2000 in Scotland HMO properties have required an HMO license, which the landlord is responsible for gaining […]
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How to invest in property for your children, and pay no Capital Gains Tax
If you are interested in buying property for your child, but are concerned about the expense, there are ways to reduce costs. There is an opportunity to invest your money through a trust, rather than buying privately, which means you won’t be charged Capital Gains Tax when the property is sold. Legislation around CGT has undergone […]
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Working From Home: What Should You Know?
Businesses seeking to reduce overheads and flexible working mean more staff are choosing to work some or all of their week from home. Combined with rising self employment the number of people working from home has risen considerably in recent years. The advantages of home working, both for businesses and sole traders are evident. Home […]
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