Christmas is coming! Our top tips.
It’s the third week of December which can only mean one thing – Christmas is coming! Excitement is in the air and there’s Christmas fun, gifts and time with family and friends to look forward to. Before you travel home for Christmas though, there are a few things to think about. Getting home safely and […]
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Bank of England Base Rate – Rising, but when? And what it means for us
For a while now there has been a lot of discussion and speculation about Bank of England base rate rising. This is a very speculative topic of conversation and there are so many differences of opinion. I have heard commentary around the next BBR increase to be in January 2016 but most recently the Association […]
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Would you know if your tenants were subletting?
The National Landlords Association has announced that 50% of subletting happens without landlord consent. This is a huge number, and could become an issue if not addressed. Here’s our guide to prevent and spot subletting. The issue Unauthorised subletting can lead to cramped living conditions. Too many people living in one space can be uncomfortable […]
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