Have pension reforms got you asking how to invest in residential property?
April’s pension reforms mean that from the age of 55 onwards people have access to their entire pension pot, and this has led many more people than before to consider residential property investment as an option. The reforms remove the need to buy a traditional annuity and give access to more investment options. Savers can […]
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Tips from our Letting agents – Understanding betterment
Wear and tear is part and parcel of tenancies and something that every landlord expects. By understanding betterment and apportionment landlords are better placed to avoid end of tenancy disagreements and can better manage the cost of maintenance. As we approach Spring many tenancies come to their natural end so we would like to help […]
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New legislation: Landlords required to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
Housing Minister Brandon Lewis announced new measures in March to protect tenants. Regulations for landlords in England were to be brought into line with building regulations for new builds in the UK, and will require the installation of working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their properties. Landlords will be required to install smoke alarms […]
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Changes to Scottish Repairing Standard statutory regulations
Over the next two years, beginning on December 1st this year, new mandatory electrical checks come into force for all privately rented properties. New regulations from the Scottish Government mean that all electrical items in a rented property must be either Electrical Installation Condition Report or Portable Appliance Tested. It will be the landlord’s responsibility […]
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Student accommodation: Why Cairn are HMO licensing specialists
The term HMO is used frequently in the property investment market. As experts on HMO development we want to explain what HMO is, and understand why such a highly regulated sector continues to be popular for investors. Since 2000 in Scotland HMO properties have required an HMO license, which the landlord is responsible for gaining […]
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Landlord services and Eviction – What you should know
As every landlord understands the ideal relationship with tenants includes clear communication and timeous action on both sides to maintain the satisfaction of all parties. However, should one party deviate, that relationship can become strained. Fortunately both parties are protected by legislation designed to ensure that their interests are protected, but this legislation may be […]
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