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5 Tips for Choosing an Estate Agent in Glasgow

Discover how to choose an estate agent in Glasgow with this handy guide from Cairn Estate & Letting Agency.

There’s no shortage of estate agents in Glasgow, but they’re not all created equal.

Some, like Cairn, have been part of the furniture for decades, and know every square inch of the city, inside and out. Others, meanwhile, are still finding their bearings and don’t know their Newlands from their Shawlands.

So, if you’re selling your property in Glasgow, how do you choose the right estate agent to handle the sale? 

Here we share 5 simple tips to help you decide. 

1. Always Ask for Recommendations + Look for Signs

The quickest way to find a great Glasgow estate agency is to ask family, friends, or co-workers who’ve moved recently who they used and if they’d recommend them. Being referred to an estate agent by someone you trust is often a good sign when it comes to customer service.

And speaking of signs… 

Keep your eyes peeled for “For Sale” and “Sold” signs in and around your area. This is a strong indication that the company understands the local market and can achieve sales consistently.

2. Make a List, Check It Twice

From your recommendations, sign spotting, and internet searches, start to build a shortlist of around 6 to 8 estate agents.

Done? Well, next, you need to whittle that list down to the final 3 you want to talk to.

To do this, check each of their websites and social media for the following:

  • Customer testimonials and independent reviews;
  • Company info — How long have they been operating in your area?;
  • Staff bios — How big is their team and what do they specialise in?;
  • Current property listings — How are they presented? Are they well written? Do they include floor plans? Quality photography? Video tours?
  • Leading property portals — Are they on the likes of Zoopla,, and Rightmove?
  • Social media activity — Are they active and responsive on social media? Are they sharing properties there too?

3. Visit Them Undercover (If You Can)

Armed with your shortlist, it’s time to go undercover. 

Visit each estate agent posing as a potential buyer looking for a property just like your own (i.e., the same number of bedrooms, same size, local amenities, etc.).

Listen carefully to how the suggested properties are pitched to you. Would you be satisfied if this was actually your property? Would you be left with more questions than answers? Would you buy (or at least like to view) the property? This will give you an insight into how each agency conducts its business.

4. Crunch Time: The Property Valuation

Now it’s time to invite your shortlisted Glasgow estate agents to visit your property for a valuation.

There are a few things you need to look out for here:

  • Punctuality and professionalism — Have they arrived when they said they would? Are they polite, organised, and presentable?
  • Local knowledge — Can they speak with authority on the local area? Do they know what’s selling well, and can they back that up with stats?
  • The valuation — Don’t be hypnotised by suggestions of a big number, as this is often a tactic to win your business. Instead, listen out for a consistent price range between the 3 agents, and ask them to justify their opinions. Here at Cairn, we always provide an honest, realistic valuation based on our assessment of market data and industry experience.

5. Finally, Quiz Them On Your Property Sale

Now’s your chance to ask the agents how they plan to market and sell your property. 

  • First, do they have a “hot buyer’s list”? This is a list of ready-to-move prospective buyers who get first dibs on new properties. If your property ticks all their boxes, you could be in for a quick sale.
  • What sort of marketing resources do they provide (online and off)?
  • Will they be conducting the viewings, or is that left to you?
  • Do they offer home staging advice? I.e., layout and design tips to appeal to a certain market.
  • How often will they check-in with you on progress? Will this be a phone call, email, or both?

Choose Your Glasgow Estate Agent

Once you’ve met the agents, spent time in their company, listened to their sales and marketing ideas, and had their fees and services explained, it’s time to choose.

Our last piece of advice is to remember that people buy people. You’ll want to put your sale in the hands of the agent who’s personable, knowledgeable, motivated and easy to deal with (because remember, you’ll be working closely with them to achieve the best sale price possible).

Thinking of selling your Glasgow property? Get in touch today to have a chat or arrange a valuation.

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