Being a Good Neighbour

Renting your first flat can be an exciting prospect. However, this new independence comes with more responsibility. Don’t forget you’ll be sharing your building with other tenants and – importantly – homeowners. Follow our tips for being a good neighbour so you can all enjoy the best living experience possible.

Introduce yourself

Soon after you move in, why not knock on the door of your closest neighbour? Say hello and exchange names and numbers. You never know when you might need to call on each other in a crisis. Oh and always say hello on the stairs – it’s just polite – and sets up a positive relationship.

Keep the noise down

Constant noise might come hand in hand with living in student halls, but your neighbours are likely to be hardworking professionals, families or elderly people who aren’t likely to appreciate your Spotify playlist blasting into the early hours. Try hard not to over-do the noise after 10PM or before 9AM. Try to always look at things from a balanced perspective.

Don’t party too hard

While the temptation to go full pelt with your flat warming will be high, you don’t want an angry knock on your door from your neighbour – or worse – the Police! Keep parties to a minimum, noise to a sensible volume and if you are celebrating a special occasion, consider dropping a note through all your neighbours’ doors to keep them informed. Maybe even extend them an invite?

Take in packages

Student life means you are likely to be at home when your neighbours are out at work. Do the good thing and take in any deliveries that they miss! Just knock on their door that evening to hand it over or wait for them to come to you. It’s a great way to strike up a conversation and show you’re a good egg.

Put out your bin

Don’t leave your smelly bin bags outside your front door for any longer than necessary! Not only is it unsightly, it’s just asking for rodents and flies to get all in among it — a health and safety hazard. Take your bins our regularly and dispose of general waste and recycling correctly.

Remember safety first

Student halls often have wardens and CCTV. Your standard tenement is likely just to have buzzer entry. Make sure you always close or lock your building door behind you – it’s a key way to prevent theft. Be careful when you take the bins out – secure the back entrance as well. Don’t let anyone tailgate behind you when you enter your flat. Just because they tell you they live there, doesn’t mean they do!

Report maintenance ASAP

Renting means you have a letting agent to take care of anything that goes wrong in your flat. Do your duty as a good neighbour and make sure you report any issues as soon as they crop up. You never know what might pose a bigger problem to your neighbours — damp, leaks, uneven stairs, problematic door locks or crumbling ceilings in the close.

Everyone deserves to feel safe, secure and happy in their own home and you’ll be helping yourselves and your neighbours out by following our simple steps.