Buy-to-Let in Glasgow: 4 Reasons Why You Should Do It

Learn why buy-to-let in Glasgow is a no-brainer in this post from Cairn Estate & Letting Agency.

Once an industrial powerhouse, home to factories and shipyards, Glasgow is today every inch a modern European city. Full of culture, diversity, and a growing population, it’s little wonder that Dear Green Place has resonated with property investors. 

And in this brief post, we share 4 reasons why you might buy-to-let in Glasgow.

Why Buy-to-Let in Glasgow?

1. A thriving economy

With the largest economy in Scotland (and the 4th largest in the UK), Glasgow is home to a range of established and emerging sectors. 

The likes of health, education, retail, and finance — alongside digital, biotech, and low carbon industries — are attracting talent from far and wide, providing ample opportunities and competitive salaries. 

And with all these talented, well-paid individuals needing places to live, demand for properties is massive (more on that below). 

2. A vibrant student population

If you’re interested in investing in student accommodation, then look no further than Glasgow. 

With three top universities and eleven colleges in and around the city, it’s home to around 185,000 students. That makes it, by far, the biggest student city in Scotland, and the second-biggest in the UK. 

What’s more, Glasgow was recently named as the best UK city for millennials owing to an abundance of graduate job prospects, entertainment options, and overall quality of life. 

3. Vital transport links

Glasgow is incredibly easy to navigate, with plenty of reliable transport links dotted around the city. But the best part is, it looks like there could be significant improvements in the pipeline. For instance, the Subway (the third-oldest underground system in the world) is often the subject of audacious expansion plans, while a modern tram or light rail network has also been proposed.

If these plans become reality, it could result in certain areas of the city becoming more desirable to commuters. And this could mean a greater return on investment for investors.

This phenomenon isn’t anything new in Glasgow, either. As it stands, the proximity to a Subway station can actually push up rents due to demand.

4. Huge rental demand 

Finally, speaking of demand, Glasgow (alongside Edinburgh) is one of the best cities in the UK in which to purchase a buy-to-let property. 

According to these stats, the average rent in the city is currently £840 PCM, while the average time-to-let for a one-bedroom property is around 27 days

So, if you do invest in buy-to-let in Glasgow, you’ll enjoy terrific yields — and it’s unlikely that it’ll sit empty for very long! 

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