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Finding accommodation after Clearing

If you’ve just secured a University place through clearing, congratulations! Negotiating exams, waiting for results and finally accepting a place has no doubt all been tough, but you’re not quite ready for freshers week, yet.

Unless you’re planning to stay at home while you study now you have to find somewhere new to stay while you study. Finding accommodation after clearing can be challenging to say the least.

Your Options

Uni halls usually have some rooms reserved for clearing students and are popular and affordable. Most halls include bills and will likely offer term time lets, but private halls might stretch budgets. Landlords, private flat-shares and lodging are all alternative options.

Discovering what’s available

Somewhere to stay is vital and your late arrival to the party will limit your options, but don’t panic! There are more tools than ever to help you find a property and there will be somewhere for you.

Universities have dedicated housing departments and picking up the phone, rather than sending an e-mail, is likely to be the quickest way to ascertain what’s available. Many halls will have a deadline for clearing students. If it has passed it’s still worth phoning, there might be some spaces left, or advice from people in the know.4th sept quote 2

Searching online will give you an idea of availability and reaching out through social media is a great way of finding out in real time what’s available – both through your own contacts and dedicated groups. Remember searching social media can be useful and real time posting could speed up your search.

Before you go

Decide what’s important before you book a viewing. If it’s your first time away from home talking to people who are already studying will help you to identify considerations. Consider how far you’re happy to travel to uni and other vital amenities before you decide what’s important inside.

Work out your budget, including any travel costs, and gather your proof of identity, guarantor details and deposit.


Be prepared to move quickly if you find somewhere you like and, even if it means travelling for a day, try to see the place you’re about to live before you sign on the dotted line.

Two students signing leaseSigning on the dotted line

While moving quickly is advised be sure to read and understand what you are signing. A lease is a legal agreement and if you’re not confident you understand your rights and responsibilities your student association should be able to help.

Finally, while it’s worth doing your research be mindful that you’re only going to live anywhere for a year.

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