Choosing HMO Letting Agents in Edinburgh: Advice for Landlords

Need help choosing the right HMO letting agents in Edinburgh? Look no further!

There are plenty of reasons why you should invest in property in Edinburgh. In fact, we’ve taken a closer look at a few of them in this blog post

In short, the growing population, opportunities for young people, and the biggest arts festival in the world all rank high. But it’s the thriving student market that makes HMO development in Edinburgh such an attractive prospect. 

And if you’re interested in letting your property as a House in Multiple Occupation, it’s a good idea to put the day-to-day management of it in the hands of experts. 

So, here’s what you need to look out for if you’re choosing HMO letting agents in Edinburgh.

How to choose HMO letting agents in Edinburgh

1. Choose a local agent

HMOs have lots of benefits, from higher rental yields to lower risk (as you spread the risk of non-payment across several tenants). However, they can also be time-intensive to manage, and with the strict conditions set out by the HMO licence, it makes sense to use an agent local to the area. 

2. Choose an HMO-savvy agent

Speaking of the licence, certain rules and responsibilities go hand-in-hand with letting an HMO property. It’s vital that your chosen agent is up-to-speed with the legislation and that they keep you compliant throughout your agreement. 

3. Choose an agent familiar with the student market

If you want to target the burgeoning student market in Scotland’s capital, make sure your chosen agent has experience in dealing with student tenants. This can be quite different to renting to families or young professionals, and can often require a different skill set to ensure the property is maintained to a high standard and rents are paid on time. 

4. Choose Cairn – HMO letting agents in Edinburgh

Interested in letting an HMO property in Edinburgh? Choose Cairn. We offer a variety of HMO Development and HMO Property Management services, specialising in student lets

We can refurbish the property to comply with all legislation, working quickly, efficiently, and on budget. And our expertise in building warrants, planning permission, and HMO properties, in general, will deliver a property worthy of an HMO licence. 

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