How can your garden grow (your house value?)

We Brits love our gardens. So much so, Zoopla has recently reported that we are willing to pay a huge £27,000 premium to buy a property with a garden and a sizeable £243 a month extra in rent.

Those in London and North East England are spending even more at around £30,000, whilst in Wales, Scotland and the North West it’s around £22,471.

For us, a garden is a huge factor in our house hunts. 8 in 10 British homebuyers have said “no thanks” to a property with no garden and 54% have been put off from putting in an offer if the garden doesn’t live up to their expectations.

The same percentage – 54% – claimed that they would be willing to give up a bedroom in their home if it meant they had outdoor space.

Ironically, Brits only spend on average 21 hours a month in their gardens (perhaps due to our less than the seasonable weather!) but despite this, it’s safe to say that wherever you are in the UK, a good garden can earn you some serious property gains if you’re looking to sell up.

So, how best to step it up a gear on your green space?

Take pride

A garden should be designed and maintained with as much care as the inside of your house. Make sure that it feels like a reflection of the style in the internal space. Also, consider ways to make the garden seem bigger like ensuring a balance of big and small greenery in differing colours. Maintain the garden regularly and ensure its spick and span ahead of any viewings!

Keep it simple

You might imagine luxurious additions like a swimming pool add value to your home, but buyers are put off by the upkeep. Instead of wasting money you’ll never see back, sprucing up outbuildings or building a permanent shed in a style which fits in with the garden are far more likely to encourage a good offer.

Do the groundwork

Good quality paving can really enhance the value of your garden as it creates a seamless transition from inside to outside. Make sure this is a high-quality area kept in immaculate condition — softwood decking, for example, wears quickly and needs replaced so spend your money on something more permanent and easier to maintain.

Prioritise privacy

A garden which feels private and secure is a huge factor for buyers. Make sure that a well-built wall, properly installed fence or large plants create a feeling of safety in the garden especially if you are likely to be selling to those with small children.

Decorate to accumulate

The use of clever props can really help prospective buyers visualise how to use the outdoor space. Consider buying a BBQ, setting up a kitchen area and investing in tasteful outdoor furniture to show how the garden can be used to its maximum potential.

Turn on the lights

A lot of homeowners will want to make the best use of their garden at night. Invest in some garden lightning. This will also help you show off the garden at its best during home viewings which are most likely to take place in the evening. Just check the batteries before anyone arrives!

We spend so much time focusing on cushion colours and kitchen fittings that it can be easy to neglect our outside space. However, just a bit of focus and not much money can transform your garden and you’ll reap the rewards when the offers sprout up.