Moving into Student Accommodation

For many, living away from home for the first time in student accommodation is a huge part of the university or college experience. It can be a daunting prospect but an exciting one. Follow our tips and you’ll settle in in no time.

Get packing right

While there is the temptation to stuff your whole life into a suitcase, you are better off waiting until you arrive for buying certain items like toiletries and cleaning products to save on packing. Stick to your kitchen items, favourite homewares, comfy bedding and clothes for your move-in.

Learn some recipes

The summer before you head off to uni, get ahead of the game and make sure you’ve got a few recipes up your sleeve. This way you won’t start off living on ready meals or takeaways – an expensive habit that is hard to break. You’ll feel healthier, save money and make some pals if you’ve got a few tasty meals on rotation.

Make the space your own

One way to combat the overwhelm of Freshers’ Week is to make sure you feel at home right away in your room. It’s easy for student halls rooms to feel a bit sparse. Pin some photos on your noticeboard, stick up some fairy lights and bring some cushions from home — the place will be transformed. But – you don’t want to be hit with deposit recharges, so use command strips instead of blu-tak which won’t stain your walls.

Do a big shop

Start the year off right and do a big supermarket shop – either with your parents or online – for all the store cupboard ingredients, toiletries and cleaning products you’ll need to stock your kitchen. Make sure you’ve got enough to make a few healthy meals to see off Freshers’ Flu!

Treat the space well

You will have paid a deposit on your student flat. You’ll also have regular inspections from the site staff. Follow your building’s rules on things like putting up posters, opening windows and taking out bins. Of course, no smoking! You’ll save yourself a lot of stress and money if you keep your room clean, tidy and safe.

Don’t party too hard

When you’re trying to meet new people and are surrounded by students living away from home for the first time, there’s a real temptation to say ‘yes’ to every flat party or night out. A bit of partying is awesome but remember you’re at university to learn. Your room is for studying too!

The first year at university and your first experience of student living is a fantastic, unique time that will teach you loads about yourself. It’s a learning curve but with our advice, you’ll be ready to put the right foot forward.