Student Safety at College and University

University or College is a great time for a work hard, play hard attitude, but if you’re moving away for the first time or just starting a new academic year, it can be overwhelming.

You might think that common sense is all you need to stay safe when around campus but it doesn’t hurt to have a few more tips up your sleeve that will give you peace of mind.

Choosing Where to Live

In first year, chances are you lived in university halls designed to be as safe as possible with their own security guards and CCTV.

When it comes to choosing a private rented flat for your second year, make sure its in a safe, well-lit area with a secure entry phone, doors and windows. Do some research into the area first and when in doubt, always trust your instincts.

When You Move In

Make sure you operate basic security measures like always locking doors and windows, even if you just pop out for some milk. Double lock your doors when you leave for the day, and at night.

Make sure any visitors you have to your flat are trusted and never let anyone you don’t know into your flat — even if they say they are from a reputable company like an energy provider there to read the meter, make sure you see their ID first.

If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, it’s always a good idea to inform your letting agent to be extra safe.

Being Safe When Out and About

Whether it’s a night out on the town or a just a dinner with friends, make sure you always know where you are going and walk confidently — keep an eye on all your personal belongings like your phone and debit cards by keeping them in secure pockets.

When you’re walking around at night, stick to busy, well-lit streets and walk in the direction of oncoming traffic to avoid kerb crawlers.

Never take a shortcut through a less well known or dark area even if it will get you home quicker. It might be tempting to talk on the phone or listen to head phones to ‘seem busy’ but it’s good to stay aware of your surroundings.

If you can, get a Glasgow taxi or consider getting a personal alarm to carry in your hand. If it’s convenient, wait until your friends need to head home too so you can go together.

Stay Safe When Travelling

Make sure you always have your phone fully charged on you and message someone when you leave and when you’re due to arrive so there’s always someone who knows where you are at all times and can raise the alarm if you’re much later than planned. When you can, always travel with someone you trust.

These tips are important but remember if you do fall victim to a crime it is never your fault. Contact the Police as soon as possible to report what has happened and call someone you trust to be with you.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust

For further advice and information on staying safe please visit the Suzy Lamplugh Trust website. It is their mission to reduce the risk of violence and aggression through campaigning, education and support. They have helpful links covering staying safe, lone working, and stalking: