The Importance Of Broadband In The Property Market

In years gone by when selling a house there have been various factors that have either been dealmakers or deal breakers; transport links, local schools, local shops, playparks for the kids, that kind of thing.

However we’re increasingly seeing a new ‘must have’ on the lists’ of those shopping around for their perfect home. Broadband.

But it’s not just any old broadband, it has to be super fast broadband. It’s quite understandable really. More and more of us are using the likes of smartphones and tablets in the home, tweeting or Facebook chatting about the TV show you’re watching at that exact moment.

There’s also the incredible increase in the amount of online shopping we’re all doing now too. And for the kids, it’s all about computer games. While playing their newest game on the Xbox or Playstation they now want to play online, the computer doesn’t offer a challenge anymore it would seem.

Finally, for those quiet nights in, there’s services such as Netflix and On Demand. When the TV doesn’t have the shows on that you want to watch in your own time we turn to streaming our shows.

All this requires an internet connection, and a pretty damn good one at that.

We’re regularly seeing reports in the press about how high-speed broadband is becoming one of the first requirements on everyones list.

Not long ago the Guardian published an article suggesting that homes without broadband could be worth as much as 20% less than those with it.

And just to reinforce this point, property portal, Rightmove has added a broadband speed checker button to every one of its listings.

So if you’re reading this and thinking about putting your home on the market, for sale or rental, you have to ask yourself, is it ready for the demands of our new-found reliance on the internet? Can you watch a streamed movie without a fuzzy screen or it buffering? If the answer is no you should probably look into investing in a quicker connection, there’s a good chance it’ll make you money in the long run.

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