Tips For Selling Your Property

A recent survey carried out by Move with Us has shown that 60% of buyers prefer home viewings without owner present.

The company surveyed more than 100 independent estate agents from its Partner Network and asked them if potential buyers prefer it if the owner is present during the viewing, with 60% of agents answering ‘no’.

But why is this?

Do we perhaps feel uncomfortable ‘snooping’ about someone else’s house, critiquing it, when the owner is still under the same roof?

Is it a case we are all maybe too polite to give an honest opinion on the property while the seller is either downstairs out the way, or perhaps even showing you around?

But there’s more. Move with Us took their survey a bit further.

Research showed that one in ten potential buyers were actually put off by the existing owner being present during viewings.

The research also extracted other information on what factors can scupper potential deals.

Amongst some of the reasons buyers could be put off purchasing a property were factors such as smoking and other bad smells in addition to a messy property.

Speaking to Property Reporter, Robin King, Director at Move with Us, also touched on a psychological aspect to these results.

“Psychologically, it’s also important for a potential buyer to feel comfortable as soon as they walk through the door, picturing the property as their new home. Indeed, for most people, this illusion can be broken if the existing owner is present.”

So what have we learned from this survey?

If you’re trying to sell your house, although no one will know the property as well as you, it’s maybe a good idea to pop out for a coffee or to buy a paper while the home is being viewed.

And, of course, ensure your home is tidy and clutter-free when expecting potential buyers, as this will give the illusion of larger spaces.

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