Improve Instead of Move – What Renovations Add the Most Value?

With an unpredictable property market and the stress of moving, if you’re a homeowner with some capital, why not consider improving your home rather than selling up?

You can add real value to your house with some investment and clever tips and tricks.


Don’t panic – you won’t need planning permission! If the new build is no more than half of the land of the original house, there’s nothing to worry about. Although this is a costly outgoing which will require professional advice and research, your profit should outweigh your outlay when it’s time to sell up.

Consider the layout

First impressions really count, and how a home is laid out can really determine how it looks and feels overall. If there are rooms which could be better used as something else, try it out.

Would a living room make a much more attractive master bedroom? Could a kitchen also become a dining room? Could that study even become an extra bedroom?

Make the most of outdoor space

A patio or outdoor space really adds value to a property. Don’t neglect it – make sure it’s looking its best at all times. Thoughtfully but practically placed paving stones and decking can transform an area giving it a welcoming, contemporary feel.

Invest in quality fixtures and fittings

When it comes to internal areas like kitchens and bathrooms, opt for the highest quality fittings and fixtures you can afford. Think slate, marble, chrome and even brushed light switches rather than plastic. These show an eye for detail and sense of style. But remember to keep it neutral and fresh with a wide appeal.

Loft conversions

If you have the money and the time, consider a loft conversion to your home. This will be a fantastic addition to your time in the property but is also thought to add a massive 21% to the value of a home. This is actually much more than an extra bedroom, estimated to add only 11%.

Outside appearance

We all know beauty is on the inside, right? Sadly, not when it comes to property! The exterior of a home is the first thing a potential buyer will see (should you decide to sell later). So, make sure windows, door frames and tiles are all spick and span. There’s not much cost or time involved but you’ll really reap the rewards with enhanced kerb appeal. 

Green fingers

It can be easy to get swept up in interior decorating and forget about your garden space. Depending on the scale of your project, don’t be afraid to get some professional advice on landscaping to really make the most of the space – create a nicely paved garden path or ‘nook’ at the bottom of the garden. If you’re on a budget or in a flat, a cute kitchen garden or some attractive perennial plants can make the difference all year round.

A lick of paint

Sometimes the simplest improvements are the best. Don’t forget how painting and some general maintenance to reduce the impact of wear and tear can improve a property – at a relatively low cost! This can add up to 2.6% to the value of a home.


Depending on your budget, time and inclination, there are plenty of ways to improve your home. Whether it’s for yourself or with the thought to sell, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush as they say!