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How to Find a Property Portfolio for Sale in Scotland

How to Find a Property Portfolio for Sale in Scotland Read on to discover how to find a property portfolio for sale in Scotland. Some investors choose to buy a single buy-to-let property. Others, meanwhile, opt to build a full-blown property portfolio — and with good reason.   There are several potential benefits to building a property portfolio. You can gain access to multiple income streams and achieve longer-term financial security.  And if you’re looking for a property portfolio for sale in Scotland, it makes sense to work with a knowledgeable local estate agent.  Find a Property Portfolio for Sale with Cairn When buying a property portfolio, working with an expert local estate agent is the best place to start.  Estate agents often have multiple property portfolios for sale and can offer you expert advice and guidance to help make sure an investment is right for you.  At Cairn, we’ve sold 24 portfolios to investors throughout Scotland in the last six months, making us best-placed to help you acquire successful buy-to-let properties. Here’s how we do it:  We help you identify your goals When looking for a property portfolio for sale in Scotland, you first need to think about what you want to achieve. Do you want to benefit from an increase in property prices over time? Or are you eager to boost your earnings through rental income? Chances are, it’s a combination of the two.  An experienced estate agent can help you identify your goals and suggest properties that fit your long-term plan. This can reduce the chances of any expensive mistakes further down the line.  You can tap into our expert local knowledge One of the biggest reasons to buy a property portfolio with our help is our excellent local area knowledge. We know what has been sold locally (and for how much) and what is due to come to the market in the near future.  This means you can quickly snap up profitable properties for your portfolio. We can also provide you with key information about a particular area, such as whether it’s safe and desirable to potential tenants. The end goal: maximise your rental income We’ve worked with many buy-to-let investors to ensure they get the best possible yield for their properties.  We can also advise on how to minimise void periods between tenancies. Any good estate agent knows that keeping your property occupied means more rental income for you.  Our buy-to-let team makes the process of letting your properties easy and stress-free from the outset. We go above and beyond for our clients, often achieving rents in excess of the regional average. Find Property Portfolios for Sale with Cairn As one of Scotland’s leading local estate agents, you can feel confident we can help you build and expand your property portfolio.  We have a proven track record in helping investors to secure profitable buy-to-let investments, with multiple portfolios sold within the last six months alone. Get in touch to learn more. 

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Looking for Portfolios for Sale? 4 Things You Need to Consider

Looking for Portfolios for Sale? 4 Things You Need to Consider Interested in portfolios for sale? Read this short blog post for advice. Building a property portfolio can take time, money, and know-how. The best property investors and buy-to-let landlords have built their mini-empires with patience and hard work. But there is a faster way: you could simply purchase a ready-made property portfolio. However, finding portfolios for sale requires careful planning, and in this post, we share 4 important questions you need to ask before you start moving money around.  Portfolios for Sale: 4 Questions to Ask 1. Have you done your due diligence?  No matter the size of the property portfolio in question, the biggest mistake you can make is rushing in. Prior to investing, you must evaluate the portfolio to understand its true commercial value and potential, and also uncover any risks involved in the purchase.  When you work with Cairn, we carry out a review of the cost/benefit opportunities against the investment profile to make sure you’re making the right financial decision. 2. Are the properties tenanted?  Buying a portfolio with tenants in situ means you can start making rental income without skipping a beat. It also saves you from the hassle (and expense) of having to market several properties at once, vetting and placing new tenants.  Here at Cairn, we specialise in the sale of tenanted properties, so we know how to handle the ins and outs of this process, keeping everyone happy and informed.  3. What developments are planned nearby? Another key consideration when purchasing a property portfolio is to understand the wider landscape in and around your investment. Will new developments (housing, bars, restaurants, schools, transport links, etc.) affect the value of your property in the short and long term?  On the one hand, more amenities could make your new portfolio more desirable to potential tenants. However, new housing popping up right next door introduces more competition and could make it difficult to place and retain tenants in the future.  In short, make sure you have all the facts before pushing ahead.  4. Do you require HMO licenses?  Finally, will your new portfolio allow you to rent one property to more than 3 unrelated people? If so, you’ll need an HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) licence. HMOs are an increasingly attractive property investment idea, boosting yields and spreading risk across multiple tenants. We offer a number of HMO development services, helping you assess your properties for compliance with HMO regulations.   Find Portfolios for Sale with Cairn Our property investment services are second-to-none. We can help you assess your objectives for any property investment or development, taking budget, yield, and capital growth expectation into consideration. And once you’ve secured your new portfolio, we’re on hand with a range of property management services to ensure your properties are compliant and maintained to the highest standards. Get in touch to learn more.

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Property Investment in Glasgow: Where to Spend Your Money

Property Investment in Glasgow: Where to Spend Your Money Interested in property investment in Glasgow? Here Cairn profiles the most popular areas of the city. Investing in buy-to-let in Glasgow is a no-brainer. A bustling, modern European city with a vibrant student population, a thriving economy, vital transport links, and huge rental demand, Scotland’s largest city represents a golden opportunity for property investors.  But where should you spend your money? Let’s explore Glasgow in a little more detail. Property Investment in Glasgow — Area by Area Glasgow Fast Facts Population: 633,120 (2019) House Price Avg: £193,000 (2020) Monthly Rent Avg: £636 (2020) Rental Yield Avg: 7.8% (the UK average is 4%) 1. The City Centre Home to both traditional properties and modern new-builds, Glasgow’s city centre boasts plenty of choices, no matter your target market. Although many people working in the centre prefer to live outside of its boundaries, many more call it home. This is especially true of Glasgow’s student population.  The fashionable Merchant City is worth exploring if you’re looking to rent to young professionals, while areas like Townhead, Charing Cross, and Cowcaddens are all within walking and public transport distance of the city’s universities.  2. The West End The best West End estate agents rarely have trouble letting properties in this stunning part of the city. Popular with young families thanks to its green space, young professionals thanks to its transport links, and students, thanks to its bars, cafes, and proximity to Glasgow University, demand for rental properties here is through the roof.  Of course, this level of demand has a knock-on effect, with many of the properties in the West End among the most expensive in Glasgow. But if you find something that works for your budget, you could be onto a winner. Consider areas like Hillhead, Kelvinside, Dowanhill, Yorkhill, and Partick for any of the target markets mentioned above.  3. The East End Home to Dennistoun, recently named the 8th coolest neighbourhood in the world (the WORLD!), the East End of Glasgow is chock-full of character. From the iconic red sandstone tenements to thriving independent businesses, the East of the city is particularly popular with students and young families.  Thanks to regeneration activities brought about by the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the East End is beginning to catch up with other parts of the city after years of neglect. Yet it remains cheaper than the city centre and the West End, so you could nab yourself a buy-to-let bargain.   4. The Southside When you venture south of the River Clyde, you’ll find a mixed bag of property investment opportunities. A traditionally industrial area of the city, riverside regeneration has brought a modern feel to many areas, while others remain affected by social problems.  Areas like Govan, Ibrox, and the Gorbals offer a variety of affordable property types boosted by vital transport links. Meanwhile, the likes of Shawlands, Newlands, Queens Park, and Langside have a trendy vibe popular with young families and professionals. These properties are pricier, but always in demand. Cairn: Property Investment in Glasgow Whether you’re looking east, west, south, or central, you’ll have plenty of choice in Glasgow Do you want to learn more about investing in buy-to-let properties in the city? Get in touch with our property investment experts today. We’re here to help! 

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Tips for Letting Edinburgh Property During the Festival

Tips for Letting Edinburgh Property During the Festival Are you a landlord interested in letting Edinburgh properties during the festival? Read on. So, you’ve got yourself an Edinburgh property within walking distance of the most popular Fringe venues, and you’re wondering if you should rent it out for the summer?  You’re not alone. Many Edinburgh residents get out of dodge when the Festival rolls into town, and they often make a pretty penny by putting their property on the short-term rental market.  But before you let those flashing pound signs cloud your judgement, there are a few things you need to know. Here we share our top tips for letting Edinburgh properties during the world’s biggest arts festival. COVID Disclaimer: At the time of writing, the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe is “under construction”. However, these tips are evergreen and can be used whenever the festival returns to normal, whether that’s this summer or beyond. Letting Edinburgh Properties During Festival Season 1. Make Sure Your Mortgage Allows Short-Term Lets First thing’s first, you need to ensure you’re allowed to market your property as a festival let. You might think that your buy-to-let mortgage has you covered, but this generally requires that you let the property for a minimum of six months. Instead, you need a special holiday-let mortgage — and these are more expensive and difficult to acquire owing to increased risk and uncertainty. Even trying to fly under the radar by putting your property on sites like Airbnb could leave you in breach of your mortgage contract, so while tempting, it’s ultimately not worth it. 2. Don’t Rush Into Anything — Always Vet Your Tenants When you let your property long-term, both you and your tenant are guided by various legal obligations and responsibilities. However, when you let short-term, your tenants may not feel as responsible, given that they’re only staying for a few days or weeks. This means you could end up renting to someone who fails to take care of your property in the same way a long-term tenant would. And this could leave you out of pocket and chasing payment for repairs should the worst happen.  Just remember, festival lets are always in high demand, so there’s no need to rush. Take your time and vet your tenants to find someone you can trust with the keys to your property. 3. Move Your Valuables Into Storage  Most short-term renters understand that they’ve booked another person’s home for the duration of the festival, so at a minimum, they’ll expect furniture, cutlery, utensils, and other bits and pieces.  But they’ll also want to feel at home during their stay. So it’s a good idea to pack away your personal belongings, assorted knick-knacks, photographs, and any other valuables.   Also, don’t forget to lock away important documents, like bank statements or passports. Or better yet, take them with you. 4. Take Plenty of Photos (Before & After) Finally, similar to renting long-term, it’s best practice to take plenty of photos immediately before and immediately after a short-term tenancy. That way, you have a record of the condition of the property should you need to pursue the tenant for any damage that occurs during their stay. Interested in Letting Your Edinburgh Property? Talk to Cairn Whether you’re interested in renting Edinburgh properties short-term or long-term, Cairn can keep you right. Get in touch with our Edinburgh property experts today.

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Buy-to-Let in Glasgow: 4 Reasons Why You Should Do It

Buy-to-Let in Glasgow: 4 Reasons Why You Should Do It Learn why buy-to-let in Glasgow is a no-brainer in this post from Cairn Estate & Letting Agency. Once an industrial powerhouse, home to factories and shipyards, Glasgow is today every inch a modern European city. Full of culture, diversity, and a growing population, it’s little wonder that Dear Green Place has resonated with property investors.  And in this brief post, we share 4 reasons why you might buy-to-let in Glasgow. Why Buy-to-Let in Glasgow? 1. A thriving economy With the largest economy in Scotland (and the 4th largest in the UK), Glasgow is home to a range of established and emerging sectors.  The likes of health, education, retail, and finance — alongside digital, biotech, and low carbon industries — are attracting talent from far and wide, providing ample opportunities and competitive salaries.  And with all these talented, well-paid individuals needing places to live, demand for properties is massive (more on that below).  2. A vibrant student population If you’re interested in investing in student accommodation, then look no further than Glasgow.  With three top universities and eleven colleges in and around the city, it’s home to around 185,000 students. That makes it, by far, the biggest student city in Scotland, and the second-biggest in the UK.  What’s more, Glasgow was recently named as the best UK city for millennials owing to an abundance of graduate job prospects, entertainment options, and overall quality of life.  3. Vital transport links Glasgow is incredibly easy to navigate, with plenty of reliable transport links dotted around the city. But the best part is, it looks like there could be significant improvements in the pipeline. For instance, the Subway (the third-oldest underground system in the world) is often the subject of audacious expansion plans, while a modern tram or light rail network has also been proposed. If these plans become reality, it could result in certain areas of the city becoming more desirable to commuters. And this could mean a greater return on investment for investors. This phenomenon isn’t anything new in Glasgow, either. As it stands, the proximity to a Subway station can actually push up rents due to demand. 4. Huge rental demand  Finally, speaking of demand, Glasgow (alongside Edinburgh) is one of the best cities in the UK in which to purchase a buy-to-let property.  According to these stats, the average rent in the city is currently £840 PCM, while the average time-to-let for a one-bedroom property is around 27 days.  So, if you do invest in buy-to-let in Glasgow, you’ll enjoy terrific yields — and it’s unlikely that it’ll sit empty for very long!  Cairn: Buy-to-Let Glasgow Experts Interested in exploring buy-to-let property in Glasgow?  Get in touch with our property investment experts to learn more about our approach and services.

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4 Huge Reasons Why You Should Buy-to-Let in Edinburgh

In truth, there are loads of reasons to invest in buy-to-let property. From passive income and tax planning to long-term capital growth, it remains a popular and lucrative investment opportunity. But why should you focus your attention on buy-to-let in Edinburgh specifically? In this short post, we take a look at 4 reasons why Scotland’s capital remains in-demand with property investors. Why Buy-to-Let in Edinburgh? 1. A growing population The population of Edinburgh has been trending upwards since the 1990s and shows no signs of slowing.  As of 2020, it sits at a whopping 536,775, and this is projected to grow to over 603,000 by 2035. This means it could rival — and even overtake — Glasgow at some point in the near future. And a growing population means a greater demand for housing stock. Worth bearing in mind if you’re trying to choose between the two cities. 2. A thriving student market Edinburgh is home to 6 universities and 3 colleges. The city attracts students from across Scotland, the UK, and the rest of the world, not just for its outstanding educational facilities, but also for its rich history, architecture, and nightlife.  According to a recent census, full-time students comprise around 12% of the city’s population — and these students need somewhere to live!  Investing in high-quality HMO student accommodation can meet that demand and deliver greater yields for property investors. 3. Opportunities for young professionals As we mentioned, Edinburgh’s population is growing rapidly, and a significant factor in that growth is the younger generation calling the city home. Around 20% of the population are in their 20s (only Aberdeen has a higher percentage in Scotland) and 15% are in their 30s. And as of 2018, the Scottish capital was the most prosperous UK city outside London. Around 40% of the workforce are in high-skilled jobs, with an average full-time salary of £30,700. This certainly ticks a few boxes for would-be property investors; namely young, full-time working professionals with a high level of disposable income.      4. The biggest arts festival in the world In 2019, a record 3 MILLION people descended on Edinburgh for the largest arts festival going.  And although new legislation will be introduced in 2021 to control Airbnb-style short-term lets, the sheer number of tourists and performers visiting the city each year represents a massive opportunity for property investors, both in the short and longer-term. Cairn: Buy-to-Let Edinburgh Experts Interested in exploring buy-to-let opportunities in Edinburgh? Get in touch with our property investment experts to learn more about our approach and services.

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