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Why Use Our Property Development Services in Edinburgh?

Why Use Our Property Development Services in Edinburgh? Are you looking to invest in property in Scotland’s capital? If so, Cairn can help. We offer a range of property development services in Edinburgh, helping our clients maximise their investment.  Whether you’re an experienced investor or new to the game, we can provide the guidance, support and assistance you need. Read on to learn more. Cairn’s Property Development Services in Edinburgh: 1. Free guidance, analysis, and recommendations Firstly, our experienced team are on hand to provide guidance at any stage of the development process. From supplying valuable insight into current market trends to advising on legal requirements, we’re with you every step of the way.  Our team can also carry out a full assessment of your property in line with market standards, advising on the type of work required to maximise letting potential. And we can even provide estimates and suggest options to help you stay within budget.   2. Complete project management  Secondly, when you use our development services in Edinburgh, you’ll benefit from complete project management. We can handle every part of your project, from providing a detailed plan of the required works to receiving quotes from approved contractors (and even negotiating contracts). We can agree on timescales to reflect your needs and negotiate fixed prices to improve budget management. We’ll inspect the work as it’s being carried out and later arrange a snagging inspection to ensure that high standards of workmanship have been maintained throughout. And anything which hasn’t been completed to the specification agreed can be rectified as quickly as possible. 3. Preparation of planning permission and building warrant applications Property development often requires you to get planning permission and a building warrant before you carry out work. This can include converting, altering, extending or demolishing any part of a property. At Cairn, we take care of the paperwork for you. We complete all forms and drawings to a professional standard and with the highest level of accuracy. And that’s not all. We can also help you apply for the Completion Certificate – a key document that confirms work has been carried out in agreement with the approved plans and specifications, as well as Building Regulations. 4. Carrying out design improvement to your property  Finally, our work doesn’t always stop once the building work is complete. If required, our development services can also include cosmetic improvements to your property, helping to increase both its value and letting potential. Our in-house team of designers deliver eye-catching, trendy interior design. We’ll provide expert guidance on everything from picking fixtures and fittings to choosing the perfect finishes for your property. And everything we suggest will meet with current regulations and reflect your investment profile and budget.   Learn More About Our Property Development Services in Edinburgh Cairn has been delivering property development services in Edinburgh for many years. Whether you’re searching for new investment opportunities or need help maximising your returns, our team of experts can help. Get in touch to learn more. 

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Looking for Portfolios for Sale? 4 Things You Need to Consider

Looking for Portfolios for Sale? 4 Things You Need to Consider Interested in portfolios for sale? Read this short blog post for advice. Building a property portfolio can take time, money, and know-how. The best property investors and buy-to-let landlords have built their mini-empires with patience and hard work. But there is a faster way: you could simply purchase a ready-made property portfolio. However, finding portfolios for sale requires careful planning, and in this post, we share 4 important questions you need to ask before you start moving money around.  Portfolios for Sale: 4 Questions to Ask 1. Have you done your due diligence?  No matter the size of the property portfolio in question, the biggest mistake you can make is rushing in. Prior to investing, you must evaluate the portfolio to understand its true commercial value and potential, and also uncover any risks involved in the purchase.  When you work with Cairn, we carry out a review of the cost/benefit opportunities against the investment profile to make sure you’re making the right financial decision. 2. Are the properties tenanted?  Buying a portfolio with tenants in situ means you can start making rental income without skipping a beat. It also saves you from the hassle (and expense) of having to market several properties at once, vetting and placing new tenants.  Here at Cairn, we specialise in the sale of tenanted properties, so we know how to handle the ins and outs of this process, keeping everyone happy and informed.  3. What developments are planned nearby? Another key consideration when purchasing a property portfolio is to understand the wider landscape in and around your investment. Will new developments (housing, bars, restaurants, schools, transport links, etc.) affect the value of your property in the short and long term?  On the one hand, more amenities could make your new portfolio more desirable to potential tenants. However, new housing popping up right next door introduces more competition and could make it difficult to place and retain tenants in the future.  In short, make sure you have all the facts before pushing ahead.  4. Do you require HMO licenses?  Finally, will your new portfolio allow you to rent one property to more than 3 unrelated people? If so, you’ll need an HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) licence. HMOs are an increasingly attractive property investment idea, boosting yields and spreading risk across multiple tenants. We offer a number of HMO development services, helping you assess your properties for compliance with HMO regulations.   Find Portfolios for Sale with Cairn Our property investment services are second-to-none. We can help you assess your objectives for any property investment or development, taking budget, yield, and capital growth expectation into consideration. And once you’ve secured your new portfolio, we’re on hand with a range of property management services to ensure your properties are compliant and maintained to the highest standards. Get in touch to learn more.

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