Top tips for keeping your home cosy – without breaking the bank!

The weather is getting cold and dreich so it’s time to make sure that when you’re at home you’re kept cosy. Here are our top tips for students, and anyone else feeling a little bit chilly.


Moving keeps you warm, fact. So whether you prefer heading to the gym, hitting the gym for some cardio or doing aerobics in the flat getting your blood pumping will keep you cosy.

• Head out

Go to the library, go to the pub, just get out! If you’re at home and worried about the cost of turning on the heating all day go somewhere where it’s already on. If you need to study head into University, or meet up with friends on campus rather than at home – sitting in a cold flat all day will make you miserable.

• Blankets

Layer up, and not just in bed. Having a fleece blanket or two on the sofa to hide under while you watch Netflix is an unbeatable luxury.

• Hot water bottles

The simple things are the best. Getting into bed with a toasty hot water bottle might make you think of your Nan, but don’t judge. It’s a pretty smart move.

• Cook

Simple, but smart. Eating hot food will heat you up, and cooking will warm up your kitchen too. Once you’ve finished cooking and turned the oven off, leave the door open and enjoy the heat.

• Time your heating

Every boiler is different but it’s worth investing a little time figuring out how yours works, especially the timer. Use your timer so that heating comes on before you get up, and before you arrive home. If there isn’t a manual in your flat, chances are you’ll find it online by looking up the model number. Knowing how to reset the pressure (easier than it sounds) can save you an embarrassing call out.

• Bleed your radiators

For the uninitiated this might sound like dad speak but bleeding your radiators is simple to do. If a radiator needs bled it will be warmer at the bottom than the top, because air is trapped and stopping water circulating round properly. Bled radiators will heat up more quickly and work more efficiently – saving you money and keeping you warm! Phone your old man or hit Youtube for a video to help.

• Stop drafts

There’s no point getting cosy if you let all of your hard earned heat out – make sure you keep doors closed, and close the curtains too.